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We have been producing them for 35 years. So great experience - supported with Hi-Tech and French know-how - guarantees the highest quality of the product.

Our road to perfection starts with the seed that is imported from the best world plantations giving us sufficiently good raw materials for our production.

Selected farmers grow vegetable on the ecologically clean area, far from civilisation. Permanent supervision over the cultivated vegetables that is carried out by our specialists guarantees that we have got perfect raw matarials for processing.

The taste of our products results not only from the raw materials, French spices or technology, but most of all it is thanks to people who are fascinated with the food of highest quality.


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code name
01.01 Pickled cucumbers sweet&sour
01.02 Salted cucumbers
01.03 Salted cucumbers "Małosolne"
01.04 Horseradish
01.08 Pickled red pepper quarters
01.09 Pickled red pepper stripes
01.11 Tomato paste 30%
01.13 Red beets rubbed
01.14 Grated beets with garlic and caraway seeds
01.15 Baby beets whole
01.16 Baby beets sliced
01.17 Grated beets with horseradish
01.18 Sauerkraut
01.19 Sauerkraut with carrot
01.21 Pickled champignons
01.24 Pickled sorrel
01.25 Pasteurized pickled dill
01.27 Cucumbers puree
01.28 Red horseradish
01.30 Pickled patissons
01.31 Pickled onions
01.35 Pickled cucumbers sweet&sour with sweet pepper
01.36 Pickled gherkins
01.37 Pickled Yellow Patissons
01.41 Sauerkraut with carrot 500g
01.56 Pickled sweet peppers red&yellow
01.71 Cucumbers spears sweet&spicy
01.71 Sauerkraut with carrot Malossol

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