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The company was established in the year 1969. At the time a amall business run by the family was set up in Tarnow that manufactured home-made pickled cucumbers in jars. The preserves were made with great heart and hard work which resulted in highest quality of the products and gaining the customers' confidence. The company was developing more and more dynamically, and the quality of its was appreciated by the customers in poland and abroad.

Nowadays, a few dozen years from that time, the production takes place in a modern plant, 80 km from Krakow, in ecologically clean area free from any pollution and impact of civilisation. Everything changed - French capital was invested in the company, modern production lines were installed, a few hundred employees were employed. Olny one thing is the same - the owners and founders of the company still supervise the production of each product personally and they still add to the products something that makes them unique - their Heart.

Polan supplies their customers with the products that are identical with the home made ones but at industrial scale of production. Thanks to using carefully aelected raw materials and thanks to applying modern technology, the company managed to achieve taste, flavour, and nutrient advantages that so far have been associated with home - made products only.



The European Medal is a non-commercial, nationwide project to promote the European integration idea in the business community.

The winners are distinguished products and services of a standard matching that of Europe's best products.

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