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Vegetables are very important in nutrition of the man. It is hard to imagine a diet without any vegetable salads. They are the source of nutritive ingredients, vitamins and minerals indispensable for life.

Thanks to special technology and modern facilities, the losses of vitamins and minerals during the production process are minimised. It is done in order to serve most of them at our customers' tables.


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code name
02.01 Vegetable salad Polan-Grill
02.02 Sliced cucumbers pickled
02.03 Vegetable salad with sweet pepper
02.04 White cabbage salad
02.05 Zucchini sliced salad
02.06 Red cabbage salad
02.07 Green tomato salad
02.08 Vegetable salad Castle
02.09 White cabbage and red beets salad
02.10 Mixed vegetable dice
02.11 Mixed vegetable dice with corn and bean
02.12 Vegetable salad for dinner
02.13 Celery salad
02.14 Celery carrot salad
02.15 Sliced cucumbers weth sweet peppers
02.16 Green tomato salad with sweet pepper
02.17 Cucumber salad "Sweet Relish"
02.26 Vegetable autumn salad

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