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Faster and faster pace of life, a dozen or so working hours a day, no time to cook at home - this is the reality of more people.

At present, more and more people have to go out to various fast-food and other restaurants, or to eat powdered dishes that contain a half of Mendeleev periodic table. Home-made meals, their taste and aroma, wholesome and nutritional values are now a recollection only.
We decided to change that.

We offer easy to prepare home-made meals. In majority cases, the only thing you have to do is to heat them; sometimes you have to add some water. We used the secrets of home cusine so that everyone could feel the taste of the home-made meals.
We are sure that our grandmas would be proud of us.


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code name
03.01 Hungarian style dish "Letcho"
03.02 Beans in tomato sauce
03.04 Buckwheat with mushrooms
03.05 Mixed vegetable - Mushrooms soup concentrated
03.06 Mixed vegetable - Pea soup concentrated
03.07 Mixed vegetable - Red beet borscht concentrate soup
03.08 Mixed vegetable - Bean soup concentrated
03.09 Mixed vegetable - Cabage soup concentrated
03.10 Mixed vegetable - Vegetable soup concentrated
03.11 Mixed vegetable - Cucumbers soup concentrated
03.12 Mixed vegetable - Green borscht soup concentrated
03.13 Mixed vegetable - Soup "Solianka" concentrated
03.14 Mixed vegetable - Tomato Rice soup concentrated
03.15 Mixed vegetable - Buckwheatgroat soup concentrated
03.16 Sour soup
03.17 Borscht beet concentrate
03.21 Mixed vegetable - Pea soup with mushrooms concentrated
03.22 Snack Ragu

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