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The worldwide trend towards eating organic products has grown by double digits every year for the last decade. Polan has always recognized the advantages of manufacturing All Natural products and since 2002, we have undertaken the rigorous steps necessary to grow a portion of our fruit and vegetables free from any artificial pesticides or fertilizers. As a result, starting in 2007, we have been able to offer an extensive line of organic products.

Grown in the remote valley of the Nida River, far from any industrial operations and the unfortunate contaminants that result from them, our products are uniquely superior. By applying special combinations of natural nettles, garlic, onion and other plants to prevent infestation by insects, and by applying natural compost to provide the necessary nutrients, our products are totally free from any man made contaminants. The perfect combination of having dedicated farmers committed to the constant supervision that organic crops require, along with growing the plants in the world’s richest soil, has resulted in some of the best looking organic products available. By incorporating our unique recipes that combine organic spices from all over the world, we have also created one of the very best tasting products as well.

Our products have been Certified Organic by the most demanding and exacting certification authorities worldwide including institutions such as Elogwarancja PTRE Dabrowica in Poland, CERES Certification of Environmental Standards GmbH, in Germany and the USDA in the United States.

Not only have our products been Certified Organic, we have also met the exacting standards of the kosher mark thus earning the highest kosher designation available. We are proud to display the OU kosher designation on all of our products.



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code name
08.01 Baby beets whole Organic
08.02 Baby beets sliced Organic
08.03 Grated beets with garlic and caraway seeds Organic
08.04 Pickled cucumbers sweet&sour Organic
08.06 Sliced cucumbers with sweet peppers Organic
08.07 Polish dill spears sweet&spicy with hot pepper Organic
08.08 Vegetable salad Polan-Grill Organic
08.09 White cabbage and red beets salad Organic
08.11 Sauerkraut Organic
08.12 Green tomato salad Organic
08.14 Vegetable salad with sweet pepper Organic
08.15 Red beets rubbed Organic
08.16 Sauerkraut with carrot Organic
08.17 Pickled cucumbers in brine malosol Organic
08.18 Plum preserve Organic
08.19 Pickled red pepper quarters Organic
08.21 White cabbage salad Organic
08.22 Cucumbers puree Organic

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